Selling Tip #6  Preparing for the Open House

What is the perfect open house? It is, of course, an event that attracts lots of potential buyers, of whom a few become seriously interested in your house, and at least one makes you a fair offer.

Chances are, you already know the basics. On the big day, your house should be clean, relatively free of clutter, and presentable. But you need to go even further if you want your open house to be a success. After all, there may be competition. Your open house may not be the only one in town that day, or even the only one on your street! Although it’s your home — with all the emotional attachment that goes with it — you need to think of your house as a product… a product that must be “packaged” to appeal to potential buyers.

How do you do that? Here are some tips that will help:

• Clear the air of odors.The faintest scent of cigarettes,pets or even exotic cooking can be a turn-off for some buyers.

• Pack up the personal items. Buyers want to visualize themselves living in the house, not you.

• Buy some flowers.A couple of potted flowers placed inside and outside the front doorway can add significant visual appeal.

• Make sure everything works. Check for burned out light bulbs, running toilets,derailed closet doors,and other things that may need a quick repair.

• Take the pets for awalk.Don’t leave themin the house during the event,nomatter how friendly and well-behaved they are.

There are many other things you can do to make your open house a success. Need more tips? Call today.

The front door is usually the first feature of a house that buyers see and feel. How do you ensure it makes a grand first impression? That’s easy.

• Put on a fresh coat of paint.

• Replace worn or faded door handles and locks.

• Install a brass kick plate at the bottom of the door.

• Clean the exterior door frame. Make it shine.

These may seem like little things. But they can make a big difference to the first impression your house makes on potential buyers.







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