Selling Tip # 3

There’s a lot of competition in the housing market these days. When you put your home up for sale, you’re bound to be up against several other similar listings. That’s why it is important to make sure your property is in a good state of repair so that it makes a good impression on potential buyers.

Here are some things that may need your attention or the help of a reputable contractor:

1.Doorways. Inspect all your entry systems closely. Look for sagging screens, cracked glass, squeaks, and aging or broken aluminum parts. Consider giving your doors a fresh coat of paint.

2. Roof. Check for missing shingles and have replacements installed where necessary. Also inspect the gutters. Remove any leaves and other debris that may have accumulated.

3. Walls. Look for nail pops, holes and dents. Patch and paint where necessary.  A fresh coat of paint can make a tremendous impact on how potential Buyers view your house or cottage.

4.De-personalize.  We all have our personal items that we treasure, family pictures, ornaments from vacations, etc., but people viewing your home are trying to visualize it as their new home and your personal items will distract them from this goal.  Pack away all personal items, pictures etc.,  You will be amazed at how positively potential buyers will react to your home without all these treasures.

5. Leaking faucets.  Many homes have 1 or more faucets with a slight drip.  Although this is a minor repair, costing only a few dollars for new washers, it can be viewed by potential buyers as a sign that this home is in a state of disrepair.  They may assume that if these visable items have not been looked after, there are many other hidden, more serious problems that have been neglected.

6. Walk through your home and look closely at every aspect as if you had never seen it before.  That is exactly what a potential buyer is doing.  If you feel that you cannot be objective about your own home, bring in a friend that you trust to be honest and ask them to view your home and be brutally honest about its flaws and positive features.  If you wish to get a really fresh view, ask your Realtor.  After all he/she is an expert on your neighbourhood and what Buyers are looking for.  Your agent will give you an honest evaluation, based on much experience. The agents job is to present your property in the best possible light and to sell it as quickly as possible and at the highest possible price.

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