When you’re preparing your house for sale, you want to make sure every room looks its best. But pay particularly close attention to the kitchen. Many buyers will spend a lot of time determining whether or not it meets their needs. In fact, some buyers will even form an impression about the entire property based primarily on how they feel about the kitchen!

How do you make it look its best? Start by making sure your kitchen appears as roomy as possible. Put away all countertop appliances, even the toaster and the coffee machine, so that the counter space is completely clear. Check that your cabinets and pantry shelves aren’t stuffed with dishes, foodstuff and other items. While that’s normal in most family homes, it doesn’t promote the image of plentiful storage space. Clear out as much as you can. Make sure what you leave behind, especially food items, is stored neatly.

Got a junk drawer? We all do. Empty the contents into a box and stow it away. Of course, you want to ensure that the kitchen is clean and shiny. The area in and around the sink it critical. There are some excellent specialty cleaners available that will remove even the most stubborn stains in a stainless steel sink. (Never use steel wool or other abrasive cleaners. They leave unsightly scratches.)

If you have a window over the sink — a great selling feature — make sure it’s especially clean. You can be sure that buyers will linger for a few moments to look through it. And, finally, don’t forget the space under the sink. Make sure that the space is as clean — and empty — as possible.

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You’ve heard the term “curb appeal”. It refers to the first impression that a buyer gets when he or she first arrives at your home and looks at it from the outside. That first impression is critical. But there is a “second” impression that is also very important. That’s the impression buyers get when they open your front door and look inside. So make sure that everything looks great from that perspective too — clean, bright, uncluttered and welcoming.


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