Area C is located in the geographic Township of Lake and Tudor and is approximately 41,000 hectares in

size of which approximately 25 percent is Crown land. The present uses are primarily forestry, cottaging,

fishing and hunting.

This area contains an Order-In-Council license and the majority of the private forest holdings of Domtar

Incorporated (1983). There are many deer winter concentration areas. One of the most significant areas is

the Millbridge deer winter concentration area which is predominantly on private land where MNR cannot

directly regulate forest activity or developments.

Area C also contains two lake trout lakes, Dickey Lake and Thanet Lake both in Lake Township.

Problems and issues include conflicts between forestry activity, residential developments and management

of the Millbridge deer winter concentration area.


Ministry of Natural Resources' program emphasis will be forest management and deer habitat

management. Recreation activity will be recognized as an important secondary use for this area.

Management of this area is also governed by the general policies contained in the Tweed District Land Use

Guidelines (1983).


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Crown Land Use Policy Atlas



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