How to Join Our Greater Bancroft Area Website Business Directory

1.         So many of my clientcontact me for recommendations for businesses that they should deal with for their needs.  Because of this, I have created our Business Directory.  I want quality Businesses in the Greater Bancroft Area that our Clients and Potential Clients can contact for all their needs.

2.  If you operate a Business in the Greater Bancroft Area, Click on our tab "Business Directory for the Greater Bancroft Area"

3.  Click on the Green + sign (Add your Business) on the right top.

4.  Fill in your business contact information.

5.  I will receive an email to approve and make your ad live and if I am comfortable       endorsing your business, I will make your ad live.

6.  Being a 31 year resident in the Bancroft Area, I know the area and businesses pretty well and will strive to provide my clients with a list of businesses that I feel will provide quality services for them.

7.  I welcome your business to our Business Directory and hope that your Free Ad will bring you new business and help to serve my clients with their needs and requirements.

8.  Please join in our effort to serve our customers by being a part of our Web Advertising.


Jim & Ken

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